HTML rp Tag

HTML<rp>Tag: The HTML<rp>tag text provides a parenthesis around a ruby text to show the browsers that do not support ruby annotations. And such kind of annotation is used in Japanese publications. It is an optional tag. This tag is used within the <ruby> tag. This HTML rp tag is new in HTML5.


This HTML rp tag supports both the global and the event attributes.

Syntax: <rp>Text</rp>

Browser compatibility

The HTML rp tag is supported by different types of browsers.

  • Chrome-5.0
  • Firefox-38.0
  • Opera-15.0
  • Safari-5.0
  • Internet Explorer-5.5


<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>HTML Rp Tag</title>
         漢 <rp>(</rp><rt>Kan</rt><rp>)</rp>
         字 <rp>(</rp><rt>ji</rt><rp>)</rp>


html rp tag