C++ Templates

C++ templates: The c++ template can be defined as a blueprint or formula for creating a generic class or a function. Templates are the foundation of generic programming, which involves writing …

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Namespaces in C++

Namespaces in C++: The namespace in C++ can be used to overcome the difficulty of using the same name for many times. And is used as additional information to differentiate …

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C++ Structs

C++ Structs can be defined in such a way that classes and structs are blueprints that are used to create the instance of a class. (or) A Struct is a …

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C++ Encapsulation

C++Encapsulation: It is a process of wrapping of data and methods in a single unit. It is achieved in the C++ language by the class concept. The Combining state and …

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C++ Abstraction

C++ Abstraction: Abstraction shows important things to the user and hides internal details. And hiding of data is known as “data abstraction“. Data abstraction can be used to provide security for …

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C++ Polymorphism

C++ Polymorphism: Polymorphism is derived from the Greek words. Poly means “many” and “morphism” means “forms” i.e many forms. Polymorphism means more than one form. The operation depends upon the types …

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C++ Inheritance

C++ Inheritance: Inheritance is the process in which the objects of one class can acquire the properties of another class. And also it supports the concept of hierarchical classification. And …

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C++ Overloading

C++ overloading can be defined as a technique to use a single identifier to define various methods or techniques of a class that differs in their input and output parameters. …

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C++ Constructors

C++ Constructors: Constructors in C++ can be defined as a special member method which will be called implicitly (automatically) whenever an object of a class is created. In other words, …

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OOPs Concept in C++

OOPs Concept in C++: The major purpose of C++ programming is to introduce the OOPs (Object Oriented Programming language) concept in C++ language. Object-oriented programming is a paradigm in which it …

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C++ this Pointer

C++ this Pointer: In the C++ language, this is a keyword that refers to the current instance of the class. There are three main uses for using this keyword. They …

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Pointers in C++

Pointers in C++ can be defined as a variable whose value points to the address of another variable. Pointers can dynamically allocate the memory. While the pointer variable holds the …

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C++ Strings

The C++ strings are nothing but used for representing a sequence of characters as an object. String class stores the characters as a sequence of bytes. A string is described …

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C++ Arrays

The C++ arrays can be defined as a collection of items located stored at contiguous memory locations. Here, contiguous memory location means just after the first element of an array, …

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C++ Functions

C++ Functions: The C++ functions can be defined as a group of statements that perform a particular task. And in every C++ program, there will be at least one function called …

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C++ Nested Loops

C++ Nested Loops: In C++ nested loops are nothing but using a loop inside another loop is known as “Nested loops”.  C++ allows nearly 256 levels of testing.  Here, the …

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C++ Do-While Loop

C++ Do-while loop: In this loop the execution is terminated based upon the test condition. These are similar to while loops. We can also say that this loop is an exit-controlled …

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C++ While loop

C++ While loop: The C++ while loop repeats the statement until the condition is true. In this loop, we do not know no. of loops in before like the for …

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C++ for loop

C++ for loop: A C++ for loop can be used to iterate a part of a program structure several numbers of times. If the no.of iterations are fixed then it …

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C++ Loops

C++ Loops: In C++ loops are used when you need to execute a block of code several times. In loops, a statement will be executed once and the loop will be …

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C++ if statement

C++ if statement: The C++ if statement is a simple decision-making statement. It is used to check whether a certain block of statements will be executed (or) not. So, if a …

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Operators in C++

Operators in C++ can be defined as a symbol that is used to perform mathematical (or) logical operations. And in this language, we are having a rich set of built-in …

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C++ Keywords

C++ Keywords: Keywords in C++ are nothing but a reserved words in C++ Library. We cannot use them as a variable names, constant names etc. C++ Keywords List List of …

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C++ Variables

Variables in C++ can be used to store data in the memory location and whose value can be changed during the program execution. C++ variables In C++ variables are case …

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C++ Data Types

C++ Data Types: In C++ Data types are nothing but they used to store information in the computer memory with different data types. When a variable declares it is necessary …

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C++ Tokens

C++ Tokens: Tokens in C++ can be defined as the smallest building block (or) the smallest unit in C++ program. Each word and punctuation can be referred to as a …

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C++ Manipulators

C++ Manipulators: C++ Manipulators are nothing but functions that are designed to be used in the conjunction with the insertion(<<) and extraction(>>) operators on stream objects. C++ Manipulators Let us …

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Comments in C++

Comments in C++: Like all other programming languages we can also represent in C++. Comments are nothing but the explanatory statements that you can include in the code. Single Line Comments: …

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Streams in C++

Streams in C++: In this language input-output (io) is based on streams. C++ streams are nothing but the bytes which are flowing in and out of the programs. The input …

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C++ Features

C++ Features: In this, we are going to learn the features of C++ i.e. the main features which make C++ more powerful than other languages. Features of C++ There are …

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C++ Introduction

C++ Introduction: In this C++ introduction, we are going to have a brief idea regarding this language. C++ was originally developed by “ Bjarne Stroustrup” in 1980 at “bell laboratories” …

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