HTML data Tag

HTML <data> Tag: The HTML<data> tag is used to link the content with the machine-readable translation. And this HTML data tag supports only global attributes. This element provides both a machine-readable value for data processors and a human-readable value for rendering in a browser.

HTML <data> Tag

There are two kinds of cells in the table. If the content is the date or time-related content, then use <time> element instead of a data element. All layout attributes are removed except colspan, headers, and rowspan.

  • Header cells, which specifies the header information using <th>.
  • Standard cells, which specifies the data using the <td> tag.

Syntax: <data> Text </data>


This HTML data tag contains single attributes data which holds the machine-readable translation of the content.

Browser compatibility

The HTML<data> tag is supported by a different type of browsers.

  • Chrome-62.0
  • Firefox-22.0,
  • Safari-doesn’t support
  • Opera-49.0
  • InternetExplorer.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <li><data value="21053">C</data></li>
  <li><data value="21054">C++</data></li>
  <li><data value="21055">HTML</data></li>


HTML data tag

Attributes that are supported by the <data> tag

Attribute Value Description
value machine-readable format Describes the machine-readable translation of the content of the element