HTML aside Tag

HTML <aside> Tag: The <aside> tag specifies the content aside from the place where it is placed in. The aside tag content must be related to the surrounding content. While the <aside> tag belongs to Flow content, Sectioning content and Palpable Content category. It basically identifies the content that is related to the primary content of the web page but does not constitute the main intent of the primary page. The <aside> tag contains mainly author information, links, related content and so on.

HTML <aside> Tag

The <aside> tags make easy to design the page and it enhances the clarity of HTML document. The aside tag supports both global and event attributes.

<aside> Vs <div>: Both tags have same behavior with different meaning.

<div>: It defines or creates division or section in the web page.
<aside>: It does the same job by creating section or division but it contains only the content that is related to the main web page.



Browser compatibility

The <aside> tag is supported by different types of browsers.

  • chrome-6.0
  • firefox-4.0
  • safari-5.0
  • InternetExplorer-9.0
  • Opera-11.1

Syntax: <aside>–content–</content>


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <p> is one of the best job sites in India for freshers.</p>

Output: is one of the best jon sites in India for freshers