HTML 5 Web Storage

HTML 5 web storage is used as cookies and it is better than cookies. It is local storage inside the user’s browsers. With the help of HTML 5, web storage users can store data locally on their browsers. Before html5 web storage it was done with the help of cookies but after html5 it is the most secure and faster way for data storage inside the client’s browser. It can store a large amount of data that does not affect the web site’s performance. Inside web storage data is stored in key/value pairs and data can be only accessible by a web page in which it is stored.

HTML5 Web Storage Example

localStorage ["name"]= user;

Web Browsers Support – HTML5 Web Storage

Web storage can support the following browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera.

Important note: internet explorer 7 and previous version does not support web storage.

Content Editable: It is used to edit and store text inside web browsers. This attribute contains keywords. Keywords are the empty string, true, false. The empty and true keywords are dedicated to the true state. The false keyword is dedicated to the false state.