HTML Phrase Tags

HTML Phrase Tags: These phrase tags are special tags that are special-purpose tags, which define the structural meaning of a block (or) semantics of a text. And there are different types of HTML phrase tags which are having different meanings for each and every tag.

HTML Phrase Tags List

Here, we are describing a list of HTML phrase tags. They are as follows:

Phrase Tag Name Tag
Abbreviation tag <abbr>
Acronym tag <acronym>
Marked tag <mark>
Strong tag <strong>
Emphasized tag <em>
Definition tag <dfn>
Quoting tag <block quote>
Short quote tag <q>
Code tag <code>
Keyboard tag <kbd>
Address tag <address>

HTML Text Abbreviation tag

This tag is used to abbreviate the text. For abbreviating a text, use the tags <abbr>….</abbr> in between them.


<p>An <abbr title="freshersnow">HTML</abbr>Place to learn new things</p>

HTML Marked Tag

If you want to highlight the text by marking it with yellow color on the page. You can use <mark>….</mark> in between the text.


<p>This tag will <mark>highlight</mark> the text</p>

HTML Strong text Tag

If you would like to display the important text then you can use the strong tag. And it is enclosed as <strong>…</strong>


<p>In HTML it is recommended to use <strong>lower-case</strong>,while writing a code</p>

HTML Emphasized Text Tag

It is used to display the text in italic form. And also used to emphasize the text. And it is enclosed as <em>…</em>


<p>Freshersnow <em>is an</em>intresting place to learn new languages.</p>

HTML Definition Tag

If you want to specify the keyword content we can use the definition tag. And it is enclosed as <dfn>…</dfn>


<p><dfn>Freshersnow </dfn>helps us to learn new programming languages</p>  

HTML Quoting Text Tag

In this, the HTML <blockquote> element shows that the enclosed content is quoted from another source. While the source URL can be given using the cite attribute. And the text representation of the source can be displayed using <cite>….</cite> element.


<blockquote cite=""><p>It provides information regarding all proegramming lanugages in detail</p></blockquote>   

HTML Short quotations Tag

In this, the HTML element defines a short quotation. These tags are enclosed between <q>…</q> and are enclosed the text between double-quotes.


<p>Steve Jobs said:<q>If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don't Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.</q>?</p>

HTML Code Tag

This tag helps us to display the program code. And it will display the content in the monospaced font.

<p>First Java program</p>  
<p><code>class Simple{ 
public static void main(String args[]){   
System.out.println("Hey Freshersnow website"); 
}} </code>  

HTML Keyboard Tag

This tag helps us to indicate a section of the content is a user input from the keyboard.


<p>Please press<kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>Shift</kbd> + t<kbd></kbd>to restore page on chrome.</p>  

HTML Address Tag

This address tag defines the contact details about the author of the content. And these are enclosed between <address>…</address>, And it going to display the font in italic format.


<address> You can ask your queries by contact us on <a href=""></a>  
<br> You can also visit at: <br>Freshersnow, D.No 40-7/3-7/1
Tikkle Road, Labbipet, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh </address>