C string.h Library Function

C string.h library function: The <string.h> header defines one variable type, one macro, and various functions for manipulating arrays of characters.

Library Variables

Variable Description
size_t This is the unsigned integral type and is the result of the size of the keyword

C <string.h> library function

Library Macros

Macro Description
NULL This macro is the value of a null pointer constant

Library Functions

List of inbuilt functions c functions in C string.h library function.

String functions Description
strcat ( ) Concatenates str2 at the end of str1
strncat ( ) Appends a portion of the string to another
strcpy ( ) Copies str2 into str1
strncpy ( ) Copies were given the number of characters of one string to another
strlen ( ) Gives the length of str1
strcmp ( ) Returns 0 if str1 is the same as str2. Returns <0 if strl < str2. Returns >0 if str1 > str2
strcmpi ( ) Same as strcmp() function. But, this function negotiates the case. “A” and “a” are treated as same
strchr ( ) Returns pointer to the first occurrence of char in str1
strrchr ( ) the last occurrence of a given character in a string is found
strstr ( ) Returns pointer to the first occurrence of str2 in str1
strrstr ( ) Returns pointer to the last occurrence of str2 in str1
strdup ( ) Duplicates the string
strlwr ( ) Converts string to lowercase
strupr ( ) Converts string to uppercase
strrev ( ) Reverses the given string
strset ( ) Sets all character in a string to given character
strnset ( ) It sets the portion of characters in a string to the given character
strtok ( ) Tokenizing given string using a delimiter