Switch your Career to Big Data!

Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data is present in abundance. But, just some people are ready to store, evaluate and interpret information out of it. With Big Data the potential has increased.

Times have changed and with traditional technologies, the work can’t be done. Earlier, the amount of data generated was not that high. But, now the case is different. The data which gets generated today is in petabytes and it is not possible to archive the data again and again. The arena of Big Data technologies and tools has grown huge and it is expanding and evolving day by day. Read the article to understand why Big Data is that the future and why you would like to modify it thereto.

Switch Your Career To Big Data

Why you should switch your career to Big Data?

Below are the top reasons or indications that will tell you that it is the right time to switch your career and start learning Big Data –

1. The world is upgrading in terms of experiences, skills, and knowledge, except you:

There are plenty of opportunities growing within the field of the IT sector and big Data ranks on top of it. If you’re not learning new things and improving your knowledge you’ll be left far behind. you furthermore may lack the talents that are necessary to sustain within the competitive market. There must be some important reasons due to which IBM did a Paradigm Shift and introduces AI and Cloud computing in its mechanism. Also, a deal worth $15.3 billion happened and a shift to advance technologies like Data Science and Big Data happened.

2. Salary is stagnant

If you think that your career isn’t growing and your salary is stagnant then you ought to consider switching.

A career is all about growth and opportunities. If there’s no growth in your salary, it can mean two things. Your growth has stopped and you’re not upgrading yourself or the corporate is losing its business or is disinterested in sharing its profits with you. With Big Data there’s a scope for an excellent career opportunity that will scale you to heights. The common salary of a fresher in Big Data is 8.5 lakhs. One can reach to the present position just by mastering two things, Hadoop and Spark.

Not so simple, not so hard. But, as Steve Jobs has said

“Simple is often harder than complex: you’ve got to figure hard to urge your thinking clean to form it simple. But it’s worthwhile within the end because once you get there, you’ll move mountains”

and that, within the end, is all worthwhile.

3. You have to motivate yourself with challenges

Are you also “Stuck. Bored. Unfulfilled” with the work you’re doing. With an equivalent, monotonous and non-challenging does one thing that you simply are following the rut? If that’s the case then you ought to join this field of technology. The constantly changing trends will always keep you motivated to explore something new, to find out more, and perform your best. because it is rightly said that life isn’t a cakewalk, then is Big Data. With all the projects, cases you’ll face tons of confrontations. But, these confrontations are something which boosts up our spirit and supply us something which we glance up to. Also, it motivates the person to push boundaries and provides the simplest every day.

4. Set your priorities right

It is rightly said that winners don’t do various things, they are doing things differently. All you’ve got to try and do is to line your priorities right and choose the work that creates you cheerful. In earlier times the matter was that either chooses the type of labor you are doing, otherwise you can choose the town you reside in, but you can’t have both. With the arrival of technology, you’ll now sit back at home and learn online, and may also work as a freelancer without stepping foot out of your house. But, if you select to choose a city-supported family, friends, and lifestyle, and don’t wish to maneuver out of your temperature then I can’t assure you’re employed satisfaction. But, if you explore and challenge yourself for becoming the simplest version of yourself then you’ll surely move up in their career and obtain the specified results. This jogged my memory of a quote from the movie In Pursuit of Happiness!

Also, if you wish to move out of the city and are inspired much then you should check out the city first with someone who has a say in the decision, understand your job description and work culture of the organization. Considering all the necessary factors to decide whether the opportunity is worth the move or not.

5. Money is important but in the long run

Money is extremely crucial for human existence, but money isn’t everything. It might be possible that your first switch of job in the big city might cost you more than your salary (or, vice versa!). But, if you have mastered your work and gained all the knowledge of the required skills, then in no time you can be able to afford things and make a reliable income for yourself.

Make yourself the best and try to work and upgrade your skills. Good skills are in high demand and you’ll find high salaries, housing allowances, and other benefits that may make working during a remote setting worth pursuing. 

6. Was the road not taken?

You thought of going with your passion but rather chose to become an engineer. Now you usually consider switching the sector, but due to society’s pressure, you don’t take up that risk. If you’re spending your time sitting at your desk, confused, distracted, and absent-minded then you should go for the things that you love doing.

The one piece of advice you should follow is that, listen to your heart first and then to your brain. After the career switch, just follow it with full excitement and enthusiasm. Keep the hustle strong and you will surely be happy and content.

7. Declining self-esteem

You always have two options, either loves the work you are doing or work on what you’re keen on. Your work indeed goes to fill the utmost a part of your life, and therefore the only thanks to being happy are by being satisfied and having a belief that you are doing great work.

If you doubt the work you do, then it may be possible that you are not in the right place. Self-esteem is something that we all strive for. If you are feeling that you simply are compromising on your respect, status, recognition, strength, or freedom then you ought to switch your job. This can seriously impact on your long-term emotional well-being and may make it difficult for you to focus. Thus, choose a fulfilling career that uplifts your confidence and self-esteem. From Retail, Wildlife conservation to even Agriculture everything is all about Big Data and functions effectively due to Big Data.

8. You’re restless

You do the work just for the sake of doing it, you want to complete it before the deadline or the fear of boss shouting you in front of everyone haunts you to work. All this makes you an anxious person and you can’t focus on your work. On the other side, it’s not easy to choose a career that might make you indecisive and insecure about your choice and can send you for a loop. But, I can guarantee you that if you will learn the process with full dedication and can fulfill the promise you have done to yourself then you’ll be able to learn through the process. Also. will see the self-transformation in no time.

It’s your decision whether you want to move outside of your comfort zone, push your limit, feel excited about everything you’ll learn about Big Data, or stay in your zone and follow the same rut and monotonous work daily.

Concluding it I just want to say that take that false pressure off of your head and search for your calling. Also, believe in yourself, and no matter what you choose, have faith and keep evolving.