Reasons To Learn Big Data

Nowadays Big Data has become the talk of the town. People are crazily having discussions about it and started learning big data as it has been one of the most controversial concepts in the past few years. In this article, we are going to tell you the exact reasons why you should learn Big Data. Let us start this with the increasing demand for Big data Professionals.

Increasing Demand For Big Data Professionals

This is very important to show you the demand for big data professionals in the IT industry. Because of this, you will be motivated to learn Big Data. The most interesting thing about Big Data is how fast it is evolving. You might not have realized that even when you are sleeping you are generating data through your smartphones and computers.

By taking into consideration the above points can you imagine, how much data is there in the world as a whole? Around a trillion petabytes, nearly uncountable.

Let us discuss the reasons why Big Data is gaining hype 

Few queries generally arise when we talk about the density of data.

  • Huge amounts of data are used by who?
  • Who analyses the data?
  • What is the requirement to analyze it?

The gunshot answer to the above questions is- The large amount of data that is being generated is analyzed by various Big Data professionals such as Data Scientists, Data Architects, and Data Engineers by using different Big Data techniques and skills.

Therefore, there is an increasing demand for Big Data professionals with a good skill set. The supply remains low which creates great job opportunities for individuals within this field on the other hand.

“According to Forbes, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts are the fastest-growing job roles which are about to increase sharply by 28% by 2020.

‘Data Scientist is the most desirable job of the 21st century as confirmed by none other than Harvard Business Review.’

Reasons to Learn Big Data

Taking the above line into consideration, the following reasons can be your motivation to learn Big Data from today:

1. High Salaries

Day by Day the amount of data that is being generated is increasing. Taking the generating data into consideration demand for Big Data professionals such as Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Architects and many more is also increasing. Industry giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc are paying a pretty amount of money to their Big Data professionals to work on their customer data.

According to the popular website Glassdoor, the average salary of a Data Scientist is Rs 650,000/yr in India.

2. Every Industry is using Big Data

The Data professionals are not restricted to work for just a few industry segments but their contribution is for all kinds of industry verticals. They can work in any of the domains like finance, manufacturing, information technology, communications, retail, logistics, and automobiles. Every industry uses Big Data for taking a competitive advantage and making data-driven decisions. That is why this is the right time to choose Big Data as the next career option. 

3. Enhancing the skills

Learning Big Data, it can be your best investment and can reward you with skills that you require not only working for big data but in your day to day life. In general, the domain of Big Data Analytics is full of unsolved problems and puzzles to solve, which can greatly enhance your analytical skills and reasoning. Big Data involves statistics and problem-solving skills which are useful and highly practical for you even if you don’t intend to make a career in Big Data.

4. Competitive Advantage

One of the best abilities of Big Data is to make data-driven decisions. Data-driven decision making refers to the practice of making decisions on the analysis of data rather than purely on intuition. Instead of deciding as per past experiences, the decision is based on possible future trends. Now, it is possible to know which product and service will be successful in the market, proving an advantage to be first to market.

5. Better Career Opportunities

There is a huge increase in the datasets across the universe, the demand for Big data analytics is very hot. According to many estimates, the data will further grow to zettabytes in 2025. So the need for Data Scientists, Data Architects, and Data Analysts will also increase in the future. The Data Analysts will play a bigger and bigger role in the world. So, if you are interested to be a Big Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Data Scientist, then it is the time to start learning.

Growth of Big Data market

The Big Data market is predicted to grow exponentially across the world and it shows no signs of swiftness down within the long haul as mentioned earlier. According to NASSCOM, the Indian Big Data analytics sector is expected to grow to achieve USD 16billion by 2025 from the present level of USD 2billion. With the increase in penetration of sensible devices in villages and remote areas, the Big Data data revolution can still rush.

Skills required to learn Big Data

You must be aware of the different skills you are required to learn while you are learning about Big Data. The skills of Big Data that are highly in demand are – 

Programming languages which include Java, Python, and C++

  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Data Mining.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Data Visualization.
  • SQL and NoSQL Databases.
  • Data Structure and Algorithms.

According to Forbes Magazine, Data Science Analytics professionals with MapReduce skills are earning $115,907 a year on average, making it a most in-demand skill. The professionals with expertise in Apache Pig, Hive, and Hadoop are competing for jobs paying over $100,000.

The above-mentioned skills will be in your hands when you will start learning all about Big Data.

Job Roles in Big Data / Career Opportunities

Let’s have a look at the job roles that you should consider to make it big in the field of Big Data.

Data Engineer

The Data Engineer is a link between Data Scientists and business executives. Data Engineers are responsible for communicating data scientists about business goals so that they can work accordingly to achieve the objectives. They also handle a vast amount of raw data and evaluate new data sources.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst is the problem solver who analyses data systems, creates automated systems to retrieve information from the database, and compile reports.

Data Scientist

The responsibility of a data scientist is to analyze the raw data which can be structured and unstructured to derive information that is used by business leaders to take important decisions impacting business growth.

Data Architect

Data Architects are those members of the Big Data team who understand all the aspects of database design. Data Architects collaborate with big data engineers to create data workflows and are responsible for designing and testing new database prototypes.


After you come to know about all the reasons to learn Big Data, the skills associated with it, and the big data job roles, you can conclude how important it is to bring Big Data in your lives.

Big Data can be your spearhead to get ahead in your career.

So now you need to start by taking up a competent big data training and gain the right skills. Once you gain the right skills, you can climb up the ladder faster and make your career grow at rocket speed as Big Data professionals!