Amazon X-Ray: The AWS X-ray service is useful for developers to debug and analyze the applications that they have distributed, whether they are still in production or remain under development, for example, those using a microservices architecture.

The X-ray service helps clients understand how the application is performing and allows for ease in monitoring these applications and any possible issues and errors that may arise. X-ray allows the client to see an end-to-end view of requests as they run through the application, alongside a map of the underlying components.

AWS X-Ray Benefits

Improve Application Performance

The AWS X-Ray is mainly used to identify bottleneck performances. In real-time, the relationship between the services and resources in your application can specify with X-Ray’s service maps. It helps you to check where to visualize the node, edge latency distribution for services and occurring of high latencies. These can be drill down the paths impacting application performances and specific services.

Designed for a variety of applications

For both simple and complex applications AWS X-Ray is used in development or production. It allows you to analyze simple asynchronous event calls, 3-tier web applications, complex microservices applications that contains a thousand of services. You can trace the application requests that span multiple AWS accounts and availability zones with the help of X-Ray.

Request behavior

The AWS X-Ray traces the user requests that travel through the entire application. The data generated by the individual services and resources of your application can be aggregated by providing an end-to-end view of application performance.

Application issues

With the help of AWS X-Ray, you can observe the application performances and root causes. The AWS X-Ray allows you to follow request paths to find out the problem of your application. The X-Ray makes you discover patterns and diagnose the issues with annotations that append metadata to trace, tag and filter.

Use with AWS X Ray

The AWS X-Ray can be used with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon EC2, Amazon Lambda, Amazon ECS. The Applications that are written in Java, Node JS and .NET can use AWS X-Ray services.