AWS Storage Gateway

AWS Storage Gateway: The storage gateway enables a hybrid form of storage between storage environments on-site and the cloud of Amazon Web Services. This solution combines a multi-protocol storage application with an extremely efficient connection to the cloud storage services of AWS, which allows it to deliver performance as if it were local, but on a near – unlimited scale. Clients may choose to use this solution for remote offices or data centers for workloads that involve data migration, storage tiring, or bursting.

Amazon Storage Gateway Benefits


Cloud storage is grouped and delivered on-demand. The Workloads can elaborate and contract, backup and archive storage can elaborate without up-front media costs and you can add more storage capacity without new hardware.

Optimized transfer

In Amazon Storage Gateway the Encryption, Compression, and bandwidth management are built-in. It manages the local cache offloads to the cloud on your desired parameters which helps to balance the latency and scale your workloads. You can optimize your network bandwidth then only changed data will be transfer.


The Hybrid Cloud Storage means your data should be used on-premises and stored in Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Glacier, and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive. You can apply AWS compute, machine learning and big data analytics services once your data has moved. You can access AWS security and management services like AWS Backup, AWS KMS, AWS IAM(Identity and Access Management), SNS workflows, Amazon CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch.


The Amazon Storage Gateway can download and install the virtual machine or deploy the hardware resources and select an interface and assign local cache capacity. It allows advanced networking and protocol support so no need for clients to install, no firewall and no network also.


The users and applications can operate on the local storage model when you are using a cloud back end. It catches data in local VM or hardware appliance by providing low latency disk & network performance to the optimized data transfer in AWS cloud storage.

Durable and secure

The data stored in AWS Cloud Storage Services through AWS Storage Gateway can achieve durability and security. The storage management tools such as cross-region, life cycle management policies and versioning can reduce the cost of long term archiving, simplify audits and keeping your data safe not only in the accessed areas. The data that Amazon Storage Gateway sends to AWS is encrypted in transmission and will encrypt in rest in AWS.