AWS S3: The Amazon storage service is known as the Simple Storage Service, or S3, and it is a type of object storage that comes with an easy-to-use web service interface that allows clients to store and retrieve data from anywhere on the internet. It has been specifically designed to be 99.99 % durable and has scaling capable of handling trillions of objects around the world.

Amazon S3 can be used by clients as storage for applications native to the cloud, or as a bulk repository of data for analytics, or for use as a backup storage facility, or even for server less computing functions.

The cloud data migration options afforded by Amazon makes it simple to move large amounts of data in and out of the S3 service, and once the data is stored in Amazon’s S3, the client can tier their storage options to different classes depending on their needs.

Amazon S3 Benefits

Some benefits of using the Amazon S3 storage solution are as follows:


The S3 is easy to use, as it comes with a web-based management console, as well as a mobile application for users to download and use in conjunction with their smartphones. The S3 service also has APIs and software development kits that allow for their integration with third-party applications and solutions.


The S3 service has a highly durable data infrastructure that ensures that any data stored is kept safe, and S3 stores data redundantly across multiple devices and facility, allowing it to deliver its’ promise of 99.99999999% durability of their objects.


The S3 solution allows the client to store a however large amount of data they wish, as well as allowing them to access it whenever they wish. This service allows clients to simply use it as they need, without having to predict possible storage needs, as it scales with the needs of the client, allowing for a greater amount of agility for the client.


The S3 solution allows clients to transfer data over SSL, and it automatically ensures that data is encrypted upon uploading. The S3 solution also allows clients to configure their own policies to manage access and permissions of the various objects contained within.


The S3 solution guarantees 99.999% availability of objects over any given year, backed by the service level agreement of Amazon. This solution also allows the client to choose which Amazon Web Services Region they wish to store their data in, in order to minimize latency, reduce costs, or deal with regulatory requirements.

Low Price

Relative to other solutions, the Amazon S3 solution allows the client to store a large amount of data at a low price, and if so needed, the client can further lower their costs by migrating their data to standard – infrequent access plans or to Amazon Glacier as needed.

Data Transfer Made Simple

Amazon allows the client to have multiple options for migrating their data in the cloud, making it easy and cheap for clients to move data in or out of the S3 solution. There are multiple methods of importing or exporting data, among them network – optimized, physical – the disk, or third-party connector methods.


The S3 solution enjoys a high level of integration with other Amazon Web services solutions, allowing the client to construct solutions that make use of multiple Amazon Web Service solutions. Among the most popular integrations with S3 are the Key management service, Lambda, Cloud Watch, Kinesis, EC2, and RDS.

Easy Management

The Storage management function of the S3 storage allows the client to approach optimization, security, and management using the data that the S3 solution provides, as Amazon provides data about your stored data, allowing for storage management based on those metadata.