AWS Mobile Services

AWS Mobile Services: The mobile hub service allows users to enjoy an integrated console experience that can be used to develop mobile application back-end features and integrate them into an existing application. The tool works by allowing the user to select features that will be added to their application, such as an-analytics, content delivery, push notifications, user-sign in, conversational bots, NoSQL databases, user engagement, and even Cloud logic.

The mobile hub supports development for iOS and Android devices, and automatically provisions and sets configurations for all the needed resources, saving the user time and effort. The mobile hub service also comes with guides that assist with integrating the chosen features into the application, as well as provides testing and monitoring services for the user’s application.

AWS Mobile Services Examples

Some of the mobile services like Amazon Cognito, Amazon Mobile SDK, Amazon Mobile Analytics, SNS push notification, etc. A few of them are explained below.

Amazon Cognito

The Amazon Cognito helps you to recover provisional, recognize single user, and irrelevant passwords and in information management operations.

amazon cognito

To start Amazon Cognito, you need to follow the following steps

  • Register your AWS account.
  • Collect the generated token for your application.
  • Create an identity pool for Amazon Cognito.
  • Synchronize the information before developing SDK.

The dataset maximum size is 1MB. To develop the dataset and put the keys can be done by the following commands.

DataSet *dataset={syncClient openOrCreateDataSet:@"myDataSet"];
NSString *value=[dataset readStringForKey:@"myKey"];[dataset putString:@"my value" forKey:@"myKey"];

The cost of the Amazon Cognito increases as per application in the cloud increases. For the first year, you can use a 10GB storeroom.

Amazon Mobile SDK

To build AWS applications easily the Amazon Mobile SDK is used and some characteristics of Amazon Mobile SDK are mention below:

S3 Transfer Manager

The S3 transfer manager allows you to upload or download documents from s3 by increasing performance level and dependency. So that the operations on file transfer can be modified further. The BFTask tool is repaired and transformed into a better and cleaner boundary.

Object Manager

The object manager is used for admitting Dynamo DB from the applications. It specifies to us for converting the substance into tables and vice-versa. The substance is reading, writing, removing services on items and support queries.

iOS/Objective-C Enhancements

AWS Mobile SDK allows ARC with BFTask for the best utilization of Objective-C and CocoaPods.