AWS Kinesis Analytics

AWS Kinesis Analytics: With AWS Analytics, developers can measure the extent to which their App is being used, the reach and the revenue it generates. This information helps the app developers to create campaigns that target their users and potential users, drive engagement by deciding the best time to share your messages and the exact type of messages to send. AWS analytics will then let you track the results of your campaign and you can keep testing and optimizing until you feel satisfied with the results.

Advantages of AWS Kinesis Analytics

Powerful analytics with great results All you need to do is to integrate the AWS Mobile SDK into your application or use the Amazon Mobile Analytics REST API and you will be able to study the behavior of your users, the devices they use and the reach. You can also customize the mobile analytics SDK to give you different results.

Worldwide reach 

With AWS Mobile Analytics, you are able to target users from far and wide and deliver your message to them in their favorite social media or even communication channels from Facebook to even push notifications. Choose what works best for your audience and go for it.

The system is also highly reliable and available at all times. Additionally, it helps you save on costs since it allows for a Pay as you go model. This means that you only pay for what you use.

Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena is a tool that allows the user to analyze data stored in the S3 service by making use of an interactive query interface running on standard SQL. The Athena tool has no server, meaning there is no underlying infrastructure to manage, and the client only has to pay on a per-query basis.

The client can make use of the Athena tool by simply loading the data contained in the S3 service, defining the schema, and begin querying through standard SQL, and Athena will return results within a few seconds, eliminating the need for extract-transform-load jobs to allow the data to be analyzed. This service allows anyone with a working knowledge of SQL to be able to analyze large data- sets with ease.

Amazon CloudSearch

Cloud search is a fully-managed service provider by the Amazon Web Service Cloud that makes it convenient for clients to establish search solutions for their website or software.

The Cloudsearch service has wide language support, currently supporting thirty-four languages, and has features such as autocomplete, geospatial search, and highlighting, making it an effective search engine.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Amazon Elastic search allows the user to deploy elastic search in order to log analytics, monitor applications, and carry out full-text search functions. Much like many other Amazon web services, Elasticsearch is a fully managed service integrated with other services on the Amazon cloud, such as Lambda and Cloudwatch, allowing the user to employ raw data and move to actionable insights at a rapid pace.