AWS IoT Platform

AWS IoT Platform: The internet of things platform of Amazon Web Services is a cloud-based platform that lets compatible and connected devices interact with other devices and applications through the cloud.

The Internet of Things platform of Amazon Web Services support billions of devices and billions of messages and has the ability to process and reroute the message to the desired end-point and devices with a high rate of reliability and security, allowing applications to keep track and properly communicate with all the authorized connected devices, even if they aren’t currently connected.

In addition, the Internet of Things platform can be fully integrated with other Amazon Web Services such as Lambda, Machine Learning, DynamoDB, and $3 in order to build and develop applications all without the need to build, maintain, and develop infrastructure.

Features of AWS IoT Platform

Multi-layer Security

AWS IoT provides services to the layers for security. AWS IoT allows continuous monitoring and audit security configuration. The AWS IoT has prevention mechanisms like encryption and access control to data. You can reduce potential issues like the push to fix security to a device.

Proven at Scale

The AWS IoT build within a cloud infrastructure, scalable and secure but it also scales a billion devices and trillion of messages. The camera management and machine learning with Amazon Kinesis can perform with the integration of IoT with Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon SageMaker.

Board and deep

From the edge of the cloud, AWS offers broad and deep IoT services. the local data analysis and collection can be done by Amazon FreeRTOS, AWS IoT Greengrass, and device software. The AWS IoT brings data management and analytics together so that you can use the services designed specifically for noisy IoT data.

AI integration

In AWS Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things are together to make more intelligent devices. Create a model in the cloud and deploy them to devices that run 2 times faster than other offerings. To get the continuous improvement of models the IoT sends data back to the cloud. More ML frameworks support AWS IoT compared to others.