AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect: AWS Direct Connect helps you to develop a private connection from your network to AWS location by using 802.1q VLANs, which helps to divide multiple virtual interfaces with the same connection to get access to the public resources. With the help of this connection, you can increase bandwidth and reduce network costs. These virtual interfaces can be configured as per our requirement.

AWS Direct Connect Requirements

1. Make sure your network should be in the AWS Direct Connect location. To check the available location click on the link

2. You have to work with the AWS Direct Connect partner who is also a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN).To know the list of AWS Direct Connect Partner visits the link

3. Your service provider must be portable to connect to AWS Direct Connect.

Additional Requirements to make Connect more Reliable

  1.  AWS Direct Connect Connection requires single-mode fiber, 1000BASE-LX (1310nm) for 1 gigabit Ethernet, or 10GBASE-LR (1310nm) for 10 gigabit Ethernet.
  2.  Make sure auto-negotiation of the port should be disabled. The 802.1Q VLANs should support the connections entirely.
  3.  The Network should support Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and BGP MD5 authentication. In case you may configure Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) which is optional.

Steps to Configure AWS Direct Connect

step 1: With the help of link − open the AWS Direct Console.

step 2: Click on the AWS Direct Connect region from the navigation bar.

step 3: Now you can see the AWS Direct Connect Welcome Page. Click on get started with Direct Connect.

step 4: Here you can see create a connection dialog box opens up, provide the details and click on create.

step 5: You have to wait for the confirmation email to be an authorized user which you will get in 72 hours.

step 6: To create a virtual Interface, go to the AWS console page again and click on the connection in the navigation bar and select Create Virtual Interface. Now give the required details and click on the continue button.

step 7: Here you have to download Router Configuration, so select router configuration and click on download.

Virtual Interface verification (optional)

1.Verification of virtual interface connection to AWS cloud – Run traceroute and checks AWS Direct connect identifier which is in the network trace.

2. Verification of virtual interface connection to Amazon VPC – By using pingable AMI and develop Amazon Ec2 instance into the VPC which is attached to the virtual private gateway.

NOTE: While the instance is running background, use its private IP address to get a response.

Features of Amazon Direct Connect

Bandwidth cost reduction – The cost reduction can be reduced in both ways which are by transferring the data to and from AWS directly and data transfer over your connection is charged at AWS Direct Connect data transfer rate can be reduced than normal internet data transfer rates.

All AWS services are compatible – AWS Direct Connect is a network service that supports all the AWS services that can access by Amazon S3, Amazon Ec2, Amazon VPC, etc.

Private Connection to Amazon VPC – AWS direct connect can be used to create a private virtual interface from your normal home network to Amazon VPC with high bandwidth.

Elastic – This AWS Direct Connect can support 1Gbps and 10 Gbps connections, which helps to make multiple connections as per requirements.

Easy and Simple – AWS Management Console makes you easy to sign up for AWS Direct Connect. With the help of this console, all the connections and virtual interfaces are managed.