AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is a source control service by Amazon that enables members of a team to collaborate on a highly scalable and ultimately secure platform. Generally, the AWS CodeCommit acts as a source code storage or repository for Amazon Web Services public cloud customers.

With the Amazon CodeCommit, a developer can create a Git-based repository, import and host codes. You can create a repository with AWS CodeCommit through AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), CodeCommit APIs, or with the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK). These repositories can be as small or as big as you would like as a consumer. A developer can actually store whatever type of file up to 2 GB in AWS CodeCommit.

The data for AWS CodeCommit keep in Amazon easy Storage Service and Amazon DynamoDB. A bit like within the Amazon net services easy Notification Service (SNS), AWS CodeCommit ensures all the code stored in it is safe by automatically encrypting it through AWS Key Management Service and in some cases, integrating CodeCommit with AWS Identity and Access Management.

Amazon Web Services CodeCommit include

  • Providing the ability for multiple people or members of a team to access and work on the same source code.
  • Providing Source Code storage for Git-based repositories.
  • Amazon CodeCommit is highly scalable.
  • AWS CodeCommit is also a very highly reliable system since it is always available and it very easily integrates with your software as a separate module instantly.
  • Additionally, the AWS CodeCommit provides security for all the data, source code, repositories, and information stored in it through high grade and reliable encryption features.

AWS CodeCommit Features

Collaborate on code

AWS CodeCommit allows you to collaborate on code with teammates through pull requests, branching and merging. The collaboration on code can implement workflows that contain code reviews and feedback by default and can control the changes of specific branches.

High availability and Fully manage

AWS codecommit has a highly scalable, durable architecture and redundant. It is designed to allow repositories highly available and accessible.

In AWS codecommit no need to host, maintain, back up and scale your own source servers. The service helps to scales the growing needs of your projects.

Fast Development Life Cycle

The AWS CodeCommit allows you to keep your repositories near to your build, production environment in the AWS cloud. You can just transfer incremental changes than changing the entire application. It also allows you to increase the speed and frequency of your development life cycle.

Existing tools usage

AWS CodeCommit supports all Git commands and uses all existing Git tools. You can also use your development environment plugins, graphical clients, continuous integration/continuous delivery system with AWS CodeCommit.


The AWS CodeCommit always encrypts your files in the process of transmission. This AWS CodeCommit is integrated with AWS Identity and Acess management(IAM) that allows customizing user-specific access to your repositories.