AWS CloudWatch

AWS CloudWatch: Amazon Web Services CloudWatch is one of the available tools developed by Amazon in order to help the client monitor all the resources and applications that they are currently running on Amazon’s cloud. The Cloud watch service is able to collect data in order to assist the client with monitoring their application, as it tracks various metrics and collects log files of the relevant application.

In addition to this, CloudWatch can also be set up in such a way that it sets alarms to mark time points or events, and it can also be set to react to changes in the resources of the client, depending on the parameters that are set. CloudWatch is often used by clients in order for them to get a better read on how they are able to utilize resources, how their applications are running, and to get an idea of the overall health of their applications.

Amazon CloudWatch Benefits

The single platform across applications and infrastructure

The applications that run on micro services architectures specify a huge amount of data in the form of logs, metrics, events. Amazon CloudWatch allows you to access, collect and correlate to the data on a single platform from all your AWS applications, resources, and services that run on AWS & on-premises servers.

To collect metrics in AWS and on-premises

Amazon CloudWatch makes it easy to observe your AWS resources and application. It integrates with more than 70 AWS services like Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon EKS, AWS Lambda, AWS ECS, etc. It automatically specifies one-minute metrics and custom metrics up to one second that helps to look deep into your logs for additional context. The Cloudwatch Agent or API is used to observe your on-premises resources.

Resource optimization and operational performance improvement

The Amazon CloudWatch allows you to set alarms and automate actions based on predefined thresholds or machine learning algorithms. Let’s take an example, the CloudWatch can automatically start Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling or stop an instance to reduce billing overages. The CloudWatch events can trigger workflows with services like AWS CloudFormation, Amazon SNS, AWS Lambda.

Derive actionable insight from logs

The Amazon CloudWatch allows you to explore, analyze and visualize the logs of your application so that you can easily troubleshoot the problems. The CloudWatch Logs Insights will only pay for your queries. It also scales your log volume and grey complexity providing you answers in seconds. You can also publish log-based dashboards for complete operational visibility.

Get operational visibility and insight

To improve resource utilization and performance, you are required historical reference, real-time granular data, and unified operational view. Amazon CloudWatch provides automatic dashboards, data with a one-second granularity that upto 15 months of metrics storage and retention. In this on your data, you can perform metric math that derives operational and utilization insight.