AWS Cloud Migration

Amazon Cloud Migration: The Amazon Web Services Cloud Migration provides the following services.

  1. AWS Application Discovery Service
  2. AWS Database Migration Service
  3. AWS Server Migration Service

AWS Application Discovery Service

The application discovery service of Amazon, or the ADS, allows clients who need to integrate their systems to easily plan their application migration, as it enables them to automatically identify which of their applications are running on on-site data centers, what dependencies these applications have, as well as their performance profiles.

These migrations between data centers may necessitate moving thousands of workloads that often have a high amount of inter dependencies. The discovery and dependency mapping are thus crucial steps in the migration process, but most find it difficult to perform at a higher scale due to a general lack of tools to carry out these tasks.

Amazon Application Discovery service provides a method to make these migrations easier, as it collects configuration data from the servers that contain the application, as well as from the storage and even the networking equipment in order for the client to better understand the inter dependencies and performance of all the applications that they need to migrate. This information is easily transported and visualized, as it is saved by the ADS in a CSV or an XML file, allowing the migration planning process to be made simpler with this data.

AWS Database Migration Service

The database migration service of Amazon allows clients to migrate their databases to the Amazon cloud in a rapid and secure manner. The migration service allows the source database to keep operating even while the migration is actively ongoing, which minimizes any possible downtime and productivity loss for applications that make use of the database. This Amazon service is capable of migrating data to and from many of the more popular databases, both commercial types and open-source.

The database migration service also supports homogeneous migration services, from a database with one type to another database of the same type, such as Aurora to Aurora, as well as heterogeneous migration from one database platform to another, such as Microsoft SQL to Aurora, or Oracle to MySQL.

In addition, the service allows data to be streamed to the Amazon Redshift service which allows data to be consolidated and analyzed in the petabyte-scale data warehouse of Amazon. The database migration service can also be used by the client to continuously replicate data if needed.

AWS Server Migration Service

The server migration service of Amazon is an agent less service that makes it extremely convenient for Amazon clients to migrate workloads to the Amazon web services cloud, as the server migration service, or SMS, allows the client to automate and schedule replications of live servers, which makes it much easier and much more convenient for clients to be able to coordinate server migrations.