AWS Batch

AWS Batch: The Amazon Web Services Batch service allows clients to run up to hundreds of thousands of computing jobs by batch on Amazon Web Services, provisioning the proper amount and type of compute resources depending on the specific needs of the batch jobs that the client requests.

This service removes the need for the client to purchase, install, and manage batch computing software or clusters of servers in order to run compute jobs, allowing the client to focus on results analysis and solutions.

The Batch service allows the client to outsource planning, scheduling, and execution of their compute workloads across the available services of Amazon Web Services, such as using the EC2 service.

AWS Batch Benefits

Cost-optimized resource provision

AWS Batch provision compute resources and reduces the job distribution for submitted batch jobs based on the volume and resource requirements. AWS Batch dynamically compute resources that required to run your batch jobs and make free from the rules of fixed capacity clusters. To reduce the cost of running your batch jobs, the AWS Batch utilizes spot instances.

Fully Managed

The AWS Batch remove to operate third-party commercial or open-source batch processing solutions. To install or manage there is no batch software or servers. The AWS Batch itself manages all infrastructure by avoiding the complexities, managing, monitoring and scaling your batch.

Integrated with AWS

AWS Batch is integrated with the AWS platform that allows you for scaling, networking and access management capabilities of AWS. By integrating with AWS makes easy to run jobs that securely retrieve and write data to or from AWS data stores like Amazon S3, Amazon Dynamo DB.