AWS Auto Scaling

AWS Auto Scaling: The Auto Scaling function of Amazon Web Services allows the client to keep the availability of their applications high and scale their capacity up or down automatically as needed, subject to the client’s user-defined conditions.

Auto-scaling can be used to make sure that the client is running the proper amount of server instance through EC2. This service also compensates for demand spikes, increasing the amount of EC2 instances as needed to make sure that performance is kept up while decreasing EC2 instances in case there is a lull in usage in order to save costs for the client.

The auto-scaling service can be used both for applications that have a consistent demand pattern, or applications that experience a high variance in usage.

AWS Auto Scaling Benefits

Low Costs

Amazon EC2 Ayto Scaling is added only when it is required and also scale the purchase options to reduce the cost and performance.

Fault Tolerance Improvement

Suppose the instance is unhealthy, terminated or replaced with another one then the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling can automatically detect.

Application Availability 

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling makes sure that the application has a required amount to compute and with the predictive Scaling specifies proactive provisions capacity.

Scheduled Scaling

Scheduled Scaling allows scaling the application for the known changes in load. Let’s consider an example, your web application’s every week traffic increases on Tuesday that stay high on Wednesday and decreasing starts from Thursday. So you can plan the scaling activities based on the known traffic patterns.

AWS Scheduled Scaling

Predictive Scaling

The Predictive Scaling uses Machine Language for scheduling a good amount of EC2 instances in the prediction of traffic changes. The predictive Scaling estimates the future traffic that includes regular spikes and in advance provides a good number of EC2 instances. These algorithms detect changes in daily or weekly patterns and automatically adjust the forecast and the algorithms remove the manual adjustment parameters to make the Auto Scaling configuration simple. Finally, the Auto Scaling enhance with predictive Scaling to make simpler & fast delivery, to reduce cost and provide more responsible applications.

AWS Predictive Scaling

Dynamic Scaling

To reduce the need for manual provision Amazon EC2 capacity, the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling makes sure that you follow the demand curve for your application. Let’s take an example, the target tracking scaling policies are considered to select a load metric of your application like CPU utilization or set a target value with the new “Request Count Per Target” metric from Application Load Balancer. The Amazon EC2  Auto Scaling will automatically adjust the number of EC2 instances that helps to maintain the target.