Amazon Simple Workflow (SWF)

Amazon SWF: AWS Simple Work Flow helps developers build, run, and scale background jobs that have parallel or sequential steps. You can think of Amazon SWF as a fully-managed state tracker and task coordinator in the cloud. If your application’s steps take more than 500 milliseconds to complete, you need to track the state of processing.

If you need to recover or retry if a task fails Amazon SWF can help you. Amazon SWF lets you write your application components and coordination logic in any programming language and run them in the cloud or on-premises.

Amazon Simple Work Flow Benefits


The Amazon SWF replaces the solutions of the complexity of custom-coded workflows and process automation software with managed cloud workflow web services. This reduces the involvement of developers to manage the process automation infrastructure so they can concern about the functionality of their application.

Logic Separation

The Amazon SWF specifies the control flow of background logic and actual work units that contain unique business logic. The “state machinery” of your application can manage, scale and maintain separately from business logic. For suppose if any business logics change you can easily change the application logic with no worry about the state machinery.

Scalable and Flexible

In Amazon SWF no need for manual administration of the workflow services is needed. that means you can add many cloud workflows or increase the workflows of your application.

With the help of any programming languages, the Amazon SWF allows you to write the application components and coordination logic that can run them in the cloud or on their premises.


Amazon’s high availability data centers are run by Amazon SWF so the task processing engine and state tracking are available for the application. It stores the tasks, tracks their progress and dispatches the application components.