Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard: The Lumberyard service is an entirely free cross-platform three-dimensional game engine that allows developers to develop games, as well as connect them to the available resources and services on the Amazon Web Services cloud, and even offers integrated Twitch connection, allowing the developer to engage fans and stream their games on the internet.

The Lumberyard tool allows those who start game development to focus on developing games and improving gameplay and reaching an audience, rather than having to expend resources on the difficult task of developing a new engine and creating and maintaining server infrastructure.

Amazon Lumberyard Features

Before you are going to install and start Lumberyard, the Amazon Lumberyard tutorial has divided into 12 -parts which will describe the entire  Lumberyard concept.

1. Lumberyard Interface

To learn navigation tools and basic manipulation you need to open the orientational level. This level is the end product of the game where you can build in the entire series. With this level, you can compare your level with a completed level.

2. Environment Build up

In this, you need to create your own level so that you can import a heightmap and texture map to provide a mountain look to your landscape. You can explore your level by placing a character to play.

3. Building Block together

To learn how the entities and components make the object to behave like their real-world entities by just adding maze structure.

4.Slices to build the Maze

You can use the prebuilt slice to add the exterior and interior maze and lamp posts. You can observe how the slice feature changes one lamp post easily and also save the change to modify all the lamp post at once.

5. Adding enemy AI Character

You can add enemy AI sentries inside the maze and set the behavior to observe the area.

6. Scripting Gameplay

The Lua scripts are used to make doors open, close, to collect a required item and time that the player using maze.

7. Physics to Stacked Crates

The Stack Crates to construct a wall. By adding physics properties to the crates the player can knock the crate wall down.

8. Sculpting the Terrain

You can create a lush vegetative environment by adding trees, grass.dirt, and rocks. You can create a common footpath that provides access to and away from the maze.

9. Enhancing your levels with details

To enhance your environment, you need to add decals like door numbers and scorch marks.
To develop a more interesting environment you need to add erupting steam, broken pipes, ambient particles in the air and industrial junk.

10. Enlighting the Environment

By creating environmental probes, adding lights to your lamps and setting time of day, you can enlighten your environment.

11. User Interface Set up

You can integrate a simple and user-friendly UI for your game.

12.Exporting your game

You can export your game to an executable file and finally, you can play it.

The main intention of these series to learn the Amazon Lumberyard you can learn from the starch.

Prebuilt Level File of Lumberyard

Step1: You need to install and open Lumberyard.

Step2: Now you can see the “Welcome To Lumberyard” screen and click on the Open Level

Step 3: Here you have to navigate Levels\GettingStartedGuide directory there you can select the level and click to open.