Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex: Amazon Lex is a tool that allows users to build a conversation interface into applications using voice and text methods. It does this by providing deep learning functionalities of automatic speech recognition, commonly used for converting audio to text, and natural language understanding, a method used to recognize the intent behind the text, enabling users to build applications that can engage users and provide life-like conversation interaction.

Lex is built on the same technologies that power the seminal Alexa virtual personal assistant and is now available to any developer who wishes to build complex natural language chatbots. Speech recognition and natural language understanding are one of the most difficult problems in computer science today, especially due to the complex algorithms needed to be trained on a huge amount of data, but Amazon Lex brings this technology to any developer that wishes to make use of it, allowing for greater innovation and development.

Amazon Lex Benefits


The Amazon Lex does not cost you any minimum fees or upfront costs, you just need to pay for the speech or text that you requested. The Amazon made this service as cost-effective based on the pay-as-you-go and low-cost requests. Amazon provides Amazon Lex free tier which hel[ps the users to use Amazon Lex without any initial funding.


The Amazon Lex provides suggestions to the users to develop your own chatbot. It accepts the user’s Phares and Amazon Lex develops a natural language model that is used by the bot to interact using text to ask questions and voice text.

Democratized Deep Learning Technologies

With the same technology used in the Alexa, Amazon Lex provides ASR and NLU technologies to create a Speech-Language Understanding (SLU) System. Even though the Amazon Lex considers the natural language speech and text input and understands the user’s intention on input and fulfills the user intent by calling the business functions.

Built-in integration with AWS Platform

Amazon Lex has compatibility with other AWS services like AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Cognito, and AWS Mobile Hub. this provides security, monitoring, user authentication, business logic, storage, and mobile app development.

Development and Scaling

The Amazon Lex console helps you to create, test and deploy the chatbots that you have created. It allows you to publish your text or Voice chatbots for mobile devices, chat services, and web apps. A user no need to provisioning hardware and managing the infrastructure to power the chatbot experience because Amazon Lex automatically scales the user’s chatbot