Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis: Amazon Kinesis causes it to be painless to gather process, and also analyze real-time, streaming information so that you can buy regular insights and respond fast to information that is new. Amazon Kinesis provides principal features to cost-effective procedure streaming details on any scale, together with the flexibility to buy the equipment that best suits the demands of the application of yours.

With Amazon Kinesis, you can consume real-time details like video, audio, software logs site clickstream, along with IoT telemetry information for machine learning, analytics, along with other uses. Amazon Kinesis allows you to approach as well as analyze the information as it arrives as well as respond immediately rather than being forced to hold back until all the data of yours is collected prior to the processing may start. Amazon Kinesis presently provides 4 services: Kinesis Data Firehose, Kinesis Video Streams, Kinesis Data Streams, and Kinesis Data Analytics.

Amazon Kinesis Features

In build kinesis application

The Amazon Kinesis allows the developers to use current libraries that provide the design and operation of real-time data processing apps. If you add Amazon Kinesis Client library to java application then it will notify when new data is available.

Real-time processing

Amazon Kinesis allows you to collect and analyze information in real-time such as stock trade prices rather than waiting for data out reports.

Integrated with other services

Amazon Kinesis can be integrated with other Amazon services like Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB.

Easy usage

With the help of Amazon kinesis, you can create a new stream, set requirements and also start data streaming.


Amazon Kinesis is cost-effective for any scale workloads. The cost we can pay as per resources we use or throughput required hourly.

Amazon Kinesis Limitations

The following limitations should consider while working with Amazon Kinesis.

  • The maximum size that the data blob is 1 megabyte(MB) in one record.
  • The Amazon Kinesis Stream records can be accessed 24/7 default.
  • In amazon Kinesis, one shard supports up to 1000 PUT records per second.