Amazon GameLift

Amazon GameLift: The AWS GameLift service is a fully-managed service that allows users to deploy, operate, and maintain and scale game-servers for any session-based multiplayer games that the user may wish to run. This service makes it convenient for developers to manage their infrastructure, properly scale capacity as needed in order to minimize latency issues and even assist with match-making into individual game sessions.

GameLift also provides defenses against distributed denial of service attacks, commonly known as DDOS. This service operates on an actual – use pricing method, rather than on an annual contract, allowing developers to only pay for what they need.

Uses of Amazon GameLift

  • To run game sessions and to get players into games.
  • To deploy your game servers and to set up computing resources.
  • To track in-depth metrics on game server performance and usage of the player.
  • It automatically scales the resources as per player demands and to manage cost.

The Amazon GameLift API defines two sets of actions

  • Game session management and player access-to create new game sessions you can integrate with the game client services.
  • Configuration and manage game server resources- to manage GameList hosting resources, scripts, builds, queues, fleets, and aliases you need to set matchmakers, configure auto-scaling, get hosting, game metrics and retrieve game logs.

Amazon GameLift Benefits

  • The GameLift provides a preview of game servers in minutes.
  • FlexMatch is used to provide flexible matchmaking otherwise can be done with your own solution.
  • It just automatically scales server capacity with player’s traffic.
  • While releasing updates or new content make sure the servers live.
  • Amazon GameLift is compatible with your engine if it is an AAA engine or C++ solution and always monitors the dashboards.
  • GameLift allows cross-platform play for a huge matchmaking player pool. It runs with the AMazon’s proven network infrastructure and data centers.