Amazon Cloud Directory

Amazon Cloud Directory: The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud directory is a tool that allows clients the ability to build flexible and adaptable directories in the cloud, with the aim of being able to properly organize hierarchies of data in multiple dimensions. This tool allows the creation of directories for multiple use cases, whether it would be for org charts, device registries, or even course catalogs. Most traditional directory software limits users to a single hierarchy, but the Amazon cloud directory offers the capability of creating directories that can have hierarchies that span over multiple dimensions.

An example of this would be an org chart that has separate hierarchies for structure, cost centers, and location. In addition, the Amazon cloud directory has automatic scaling up to hundreds of millions of objects and can be integrated with multiple applications. The cloud directory is also a fully managed service, meaning a lot of the tasks are dealt with for the client, and the client has to do is to define the schema, create their desired directory, and populate it through the Cloud API.

Amazon Cloud Directory Benefits

Data across multiple dimensions

The building directories stores data hierarchies with multiple dimensions for many applications. Let’s take an example, an organizational chart can have one hierarchy based on the reporting structure, second based on location, third based on cost. Amazon Cloud Directory allows you to combine different schemas as a single directory that creates multiple hierarchies without duplicates.

Integrated with AWS CloudTrail

The Amazon Cloud Directory integrated with AWS CloudTrial that helps to log the date, time and also identify the users who can access your directory data. With the resource tagging, you cal tag directories and schemas to track and manage resources.

Automatic Scaling

Amazon Cloud Directory can automatically scale millions of objects.  The Amazon develops Cloud Directory with managed infrastructure, highly scalable which provides high availability and built-in server management.

Searching objects and relationships

Searching a large amount of highly connected data requires complex and computational expensive queries. You can search the parent object along with dimensions without creating queries with the help of search capabilities in Amazon Cloud directories.  Let’s consider an example, an employee management chain can perform with a simple single query in Cloud Directory but traditional solutions require more queries.

Data Requirements changes

Amazon Cloud Directory allows changing the data requirements. The cloud Directory has a flexible schema that helps to extend your schema with new attributes. The multiple applications can independently extend the schema that enables the application to share a single directory and avoid data duplicates.

Simplify Policy Management

In Amazon Cloud Directory, the application can attach to the applicable policies of objects that define policy inheritance rules with other hierarchies. Cloud Directory makes your application evaluate and enforces the policies on demand for the unique requirements of your application. So your application is not limited by native policies of the directory.