Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon AppStream 2.0: Ever imagined the convenience of being able to stream desktop services and applications from miles without having to be physically present on-premises? Well, this might just be the solution for you. With the onset of remote workers so has the demand for accessing digital resources remotely increased.

Amazon Web Services AppStream is a fully managed and secure application streaming service that was created with this very thought in mind. This service runs in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Amazon Web Services AppStream allows you to securely stream desktop applications from the Amazon Web Services cloud right to your users.

The new AppStream lets you run your Windows applications in the cloud without any modifications and stream it to any device. Your users are always up to date and get instant-on access to the apps they need on the device they choose with a responsive high-quality experience just as if they were running locally.

Choose AppStream to simply install your desktop app on the AppStream instance of your choice, set your order scale parameters, define access permissions and publish your apps. Users can then start accessing them through the browser and start working instantly. You can try launching the AWS AppStream from the Amazon Web Services management console or take it for a test drive on the AWS website.

Advantage of Amazon AppStream 2.0

High Scalability: You can scale it to an unlimited number of users using different types of computers across the globe without the need for infrastructure. Ability to securely stream desktop Applications remotely from the Amazon Web Services Cloud. This is because the Applications are not stored on the user’s local computer but on the secure data center that is the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

When you use the Amazon AppStream 2.0 you never have to pay a costly long term or short term subscription but instead, you pay as you go for only the resources that you need. You also never have to modify your applications since they integrate very easily with the Amazon Web Services technologies.