Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway: AWS API gateway is a service designed to make it much easier for Amazon clients to develop, publish, monitor, maintain, and keep secure their APIs, regardless of the scale. This tool can be accessed through the Amazon Web Services management console, by creating an API that acts as a door for applications to be able to access data, logic, or other functionalities from the client’s chosen back-end services such as EC2 or lambda, or even web applications. The API gateway function automates all the tasks needed to process hundreds of thousands of API calls, including but not limited to monitoring, authorization, access control, and traffic management.

Features of Amazon API Gateway


You can allow access to your APIs. The Amazon API Gateway can verify the incoming requests by executing the various authorization options like IAM(Identity Acess Management) and lambda function. The Identity Access Management integrated with a gateway that provides tools like AWS credentials. The Token verification is performed with Lambda function and then API access is granted.


The most important feature in the Amazon API Gateway is caching used to cache the endpoint’s response that increases the request latency. It is a prime factor that determines the price of the services. To prevent the risks to your API Gateway like flooding with fraud API calls to API gateway, you can configure throttle service that prevents attacks.


The Amazon API Gateway scales automatically no need to consider about EC2 services or autoscaling groups.


The API Gateway can implement with the AWS Management Console. However no need to launch EC2 instance or set up the gateway software.

Connect CloudWatch 

You can connect the CloudWatch service to the Amazon API Gateway to monitor the incoming API call, latency, and errors.


The Amazon API Gateway is low at cost and efficient because it provides a tiered pricing model for requests. The price of API requests may decrease by the more number of requests.