HTML dropzone Attribute

HTML dropzone Attribute: This attribute defines whether the dragged data is copied, linked, moved when it is dropped into an element. It is new in HTML 5.

HTML dropzone Attribute

This attribute can be applied to all the HTML elements. And it has not been defined in HTML 4. And it was is added newly in HTML5.

Attribute Value

move: This attribute is used to drag the data and drop it into a new location.
copy: This attribute is used to copy the drag data into a new location.
link: This attribute is used to drop the data will result in original data.

Syntax: <element dropzone = “move | link | copy”>

Browser Support

This attribute is not supported by any of the browsers.

Example: for dropzone attribute

<!DOCTYPE html> 
  <title>ruby tag</title> 
    body { 
   h1 { 
  <h2> dropzone attribute</h2> 
  <div dropzone="copy">FN</div> 
  <div dropzone="move">FN</div> 
  <div dropzone="link">FN</div> 


HTML dropzone attribute