What is AngularJS?

What is AngularJS?: AngularJS is a very useful Javascript library. It is normally used in projects referred to as “Single Page Application (SPA)”. It works by extending the HTML DOM with additional attributes which makes it respond more appropriately to user actions. It is widely used by developers in the whole world for development purposes and the library is open source. This means that one can download and use it for free.

The library was created so as to help in the creation of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). With it, the developer is provided with a clear MVC which they can use for the development of a very powerful client-side of their application. The applications which have been developed in Angular can be executed on a wide variety of browsers due to the cross-browser support the nature of the library.

AngularJS provides a package of functions that allow developers to design fast and powerful web applications capable of handling large data files. AngularJS is an open-source web application framework. AngularJS helps web developers create programming logic for their applications within the actual web page, and link the web application data model to backend databases and services. This exciting program scripting language also allows UI design logic to be expressed in an HTML template file. This is particularly useful for the presentation of data.

AngularJS provides a helpful structure for web development and streamlines the entire process of designing and testing web-based applications. By learning AngularJS, you will be able to create interactive web applications with a well-structured code that is simple to update and maintain.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for creating dynamic web apps. It expands the capabilities of an HTML template, enabling designers to turn static web pages into fully interactive web applications. AngularJS uses the concepts of data binding and dependency injection in ways that greatly reduce the amount of code that would be required with other web programming languages.

It accomplishes this through the generation of new HTML structure. Angular helps the web browser to interpret original syntax by using various directives, including:

  • Data binding
  • Object control structures for replicating elements of the web page.
  • Generating and validating user forms
  • Giving DOM elements of new behaviors.
  • Organizing and reusing HTML components.

By using the AngularJS JavaScript framework,

you will be able to create powerful, easy to maintain web applications. Web developers use the Model View Controller (MVC) model when coding in AngularJS. This programming language is popular among web developers partly because AngularJS works with JavaScript in any browser, and the AngularJS library is open source and completely free.