AngularJS HTML DOM Elements

AngularJS HTML DOM Elements: Angular JS has directives that bind application data to the attribute of HTML DOM elements.

Directives to bind data to HTML DOM Elements Table

The following directives will help to bind the application data to attributes of HTML DOM elements.

1 ng-disable To Disables a given control of HTML elements.
2 ng-show Shows a given control of HTML elements.
3 ng-hide To Hides a given control of HTML elements.
4 ng-click To perform the AngularJS click event.

ng-disable Directive

To binds angular JS application data to the disabled attribute of HTML elements the ng-disable directive is used.

ng-disable Directive  Example

<div ng-app="">
<input type="checkbox" ng-model="enableDisableButton">Disable Button
<button ng-disabled="enableDisableButton">Click Me!</button>

ng-disable Directive  Example Outputng-disable Directive  Example Output

ng-show Directive

To show or hide the HTML elements the ng-show directive is used.

ng-show Directive Example

<div ng-app="">
<input type="checkbox" ng-model="hideme">Show Button
<button ng-show="hideme">Click Me!</button>

ng-hide Directive

Same as ng-show Directive, the ng-hide directive is also used to show or hide the HTML elements

ng-hide Directive Example

<div ng-app="">
<input type="checkbox" ng-model="hideme">Hide Button
<button ng-hide="hideme">Click Me!</button>

ng-click Directive

To perform click event we can use ng-click Directive

ng-click Directive Example

<div ng-app="" ng-controller="clickController">
<button ng-click="count = count + 1">Click Me!</button>
<p>{{ count }}</p>
function clickController($scope) {
$scope.count = 0;