HTML strong Tag

HTML <strong>Tag: The HTML<strong> tag specifies important text which is displayed in bold. This HTML strong tag is a phrase tag. HTML4 the <strong> tag is used to define strongemphasizedtexts. In HTML5 <strong> tag defines the important text.

HTML<strong> tag

This HTML<strong> tag supports both the global and the event attributes.

Syntax: <strong> Text </strong>

Browser compatibility

The HTML strong tag is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet explorer.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<strong>This is a strong text</strong><br>
<code>A piece of computer code</code><br>


This is a strong text
A piece of computer code

Tags that are supported by the <code> tag

Tag Description
em Renders as emphasized text
strong Specifies the important text
code Defines a piece of computer code
samp Specifies sample output from a computer program
kbd Specifies keyboard input
var Specifies a variable