CSS Cursor Property

What is the use of Cursor Property in CSS? The cursor property helps to specify the mouse cursor when you are pointing an element.

CSS Cursor Property Details

Default value Auto
Inherited Yes
Animatable No
Version CSS2

JavaScript Syntax


List of CSS Cursors

  • alias {cursor: alias;}
  • all-scroll {cursor: all-scroll;}
  • auto {cursor: auto;}
  • cell {cursor: cell;}
  • context-menu {cursor: context-menu;}
  • col-resize {cursor: col-resize;}
  • copy {cursor: copy;}
  • crosshair {cursor: crosshair;}
  • default {cursor: default;}
  • e-resize {cursor: e-resize;}
  • ew-resize {cursor: ew-resize;}
  • grab {cursor: grab;}
  • grabbing {cursor: grabbing;}
  • help {cursor: help;}
  • move {cursor: move;}
  • n-resize {cursor: n-resize;}
  • ne-resize {cursor: ne-resize;}
  • nesw-resize {cursor: nesw-resize;}
  • ns-resize {cursor: ns-resize;}
  • nw-resize {cursor: nw-resize;}
  • nwse-resize {cursor: nwse-resize;}
  • no-drop {cursor: no-drop;}
  • none {cursor: none;}
  • not-allowed {cursor: not-allowed;}
  • pointer {cursor: pointer;}
  • progress {cursor: progress;}
  • row-resize {cursor: row-resize;}
  • s-resize {cursor: s-resize;}
  • se-resize {cursor: se-resize;}
  • sw-resize {cursor: sw-resize;}
  • text {cursor: text;}
  • url {cursor: url(myBall.cur),auto;}
  • w-resize {cursor: w-resize;}
  • wait {cursor: wait;}
  • zoom-in {cursor: zoom-in;}
  • zoom-out {cursor: zoom-out;}