AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild: AWS Code Build is the cloud service that enables an IT developer to automate the server builds of the application in the AWS cloud. With of help of this service, developers compile, test and deploy the source code as a building project by using AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

This AWS codebuild gets the source code from multiple supporters like AWS code commit, S3, GitHub. Here the developers prepare builds commands in the YAML file, which control CPU, memory and source integration that adds into other services. Unit testing is done as part of the build stage in the AWS codebuild.

AWS CodeBuild support Docker

The AWS CodeBuild supports the docker which contains images that helps to create a custom build environment for an application developer. This docker is also an operating system and a programming tool which supports programming languages like Java,Ruby,Python,Go,Node.js, Android, docker.

This AWS CodeBuild automatically patches and maintains server builds which helps to develop a tempory compute container of several builds to support an isolated environment.

The AWS CodeBuild accepts multiple builds simultaneously and also get rid of the containers when the build gets completed and also uploads art crafts to s3 bucket or other storage locations.

Integration with other AWS Code Services

By using AWS CodePipeline AWS CodeBuild can integrate with other AWS code services. AWS Key Management Service helps to add encryption to build art crafts that are done by the developer. The open-source continuous delivery tool like Jenkins can be added to AWS CodeBuild with the help of Plugin.

To get detail information on each build like start time and end time, branch, commit ID and status of the AWS CLI, AWS Management Console, SDK, and other API work with AWS CodeBuild.